About Us

We provide legal counsel rooted in integrity, courage, and faith.


Our firm’s representation begins with an honest assessment of the potential legal consequences facing a client, followed by a frank discussion on the best approach to resolve the problem. Furthermore, attorneys and staff embody the principle of integrity in the way they interact with clients, each other, and opposing parties. Our firm understands that trust in your counsel and legal team is rooted in integrity.


Our attorneys step into the arena, understanding that conflict among parties often arises from fear or reactions to fear. To effectively represent clients, our attorneys and legal teams rely on the courage to fight the battles necessary to resolve a client’s problem in a strategically sound manner. As a firm, we also embody courage in the form that attorneys and staff interact with each other to create a climate where the best ideas are identified to achieve excellent results for clients.


As a firm, we have faith in ourselves, each other, and the firm’s vision.

We understand that we are a small part of the greater whole, and we do what is before us with humility.

The Whitworth Cigarroa Approach

Whitworth Cigarroa is dedicated to working with clients to help them achieve their business goals and overcome legal challenges they face. Situated in South Texas—the corridor of the Western Hemisphere—Whitworth Cigarroa helps clients solve problems and materialize opportunities.

Whitworth Cigarroa is committed to helping clients achieve their personal and business strategies by providing outstanding legal services and advice. Clients depend and rely on our firm to develop and find innovative solutions to complex personal and business issues, and Whitworth Cigarroa leverages its talent and experience to help clients handle and meet these challenges effectively and successfully.

Our History: Deep Roots

In 1977, Steve A. Whitworth co-founded the law firm of Person Whitworth with George J. Person, which focused on oil and gas transactions, real estate matters, and probate. The vision of Person Whitworth grew to include later partners, such as Donato D. Ramos, Charles Borchers, and Richard G. Morales, Jr.

By 1980, Person Whitworth had grown and expanded its practice areas, and its official name became Person, Whitworth, Ramos, Borchers & Morales, LLP, which many referred to as Person Whitworth.

In Texas, Person Whitworth became a legal institution that trained hundreds of lawyers who still practice law in Texas and innovated such fields as oil and gas transactions, litigation, family law, and several other legal areas.

An Evolving Law Firm

Whitworth Cigarroa continues to adhere to its historical values. For the last forty years, Whitworth Cigarroa’s lawyers have helped people and companies reshape the field with innovative legal solutions and strategies. Building strong client relationships is the compass for our business strategy and future development. We are grateful for the support of our clients, our people and our communities, all of which have made it possible for us to celebrate the milestones and achievements that make up our evolving history at Whitworth Cigarroa.